1. Hi, I am Maisie, I am seven month old, and I am an all black cocker spaniel. Just wanted to let you know that I loved my Sunday mornings with Jodie, she was so kind and friendly and taught me so much. My recall is near perfect, and I have learnt to control my enthusiasm more and not jump on people quite as much as I used to. Puppy school was excellent but as a teenage puppy I still had some growing up to do and Jodie showed me how to do it. My owner can now take me to off leash areas and not worry about me as I now listen to and obey her. I am still learning and love positive reinforcement (especially the treats) and my owner is much more relaxed as she now knows what she is doing and I find it so much fun training with her. I just have to nail that rolling over trick!!

  2. I have just completed a training program with Jodie and I have to say we now have a well behaved dog. My 16month old Labrador was pulling on the lead, had terrible recall, would not stay or sit, and would always jump up at people initially. Since doing the training program with Jodie, we now have an obedient dog who has improved immensely because of Jodie’s training program.
    Jodie is very dedicated and a passionate dog lover, with great advice and tips for day to day living with a dog.
    I highly recommend her to train your 4 legged friend and thank her greatly.

  3. We adopted Molly back in February from Golden retriever rescue. She was nervous when she first came home with us, and walked quietly beside us. Then she started to realise going out walking was fun…. and things got a little challenging!!! Jodies class was awesome and gave us lots of strategies that worked well with molly. the class was in a nice quiet area too so we could hear what she was saying. We had been to a few near main roads and it was very hard to hear the instructor. I lliked the way Jodie worked on positive reinforcement and learning when to give the reward and praise by catching the moment. We can now walk Molly loose lead and its a great walk.
    Thanks for all the help.
    Claire and Sue

  4. Jodie has looked after my ‘kids’ for years. When we first had Jake & Elwood, yes the Blues Brothers and now Leroy & Layla who are labradoodles. We always have Jodie house site when we go away as the kids know her and trust her implicitly, so do I. I introduced Jodie to our Vet should anything happen whilst we are away as Leroy suffers from epilepsy which was a blessing in disguise as Leroy had a turn and she took him straight to the Vet without any fuss or questions. Jodie administers the kids medications, gives them a la carte dinners and spoils them rotten. Jodie also takes the kids to her Saturday classes as they are both very calming for the other dogs when it’s their first time to ‘school’. All I have to do is say ‘Jodie’s coming over’ and they wait at the front door for her. Leroy especially loves Jodie’s handbag. If Jodie can’t look after them then we don’t go away as simple as that. I am more than willing to talk to anyone wishing to use Jodie’s services as I can’t recommend her highly enough.

  5. I met Jodie through a friend over 2 years ago and then engaged with her to house sit and look after my two moodles whilst travelling overseas. Jodie stayed in my home and cared for the dogs for 2 weeks. Not only did she walk them twice a day, but spent time interacting with them and teaching them calm behaviour. Jodie also kept my home in an immaculate condition. Upon my return, my dogs were extremely happy and relaxed and now whenever they see Jodie they are so excited, like she is part of the family. Jodie is fabulous with dogs and can highly recommend her as a loyal and honest house sitter.

  6. As much as I love my dog she needed some training. The change in her even after the 1st visit was remarkable. She now goes straight to her bed when I ask her too. I’m going to continue with this program wow I couldn’t believe how much of a changed dog she is. I was also astounded at other things that my dog did that I didn’t even notice! Thank you Jodi you’re a natural….:)

  7. We have a 7 month old Kelpy x Bull Arab named Malibu (a rescue puppy), She’s got a lovely nature but gets overexcited. She used to bite our heels, jump up on people and pull on the lead to get to other dogs to say hi. Through Jodie’s kind and positive reinforcement training classes we have learnt how to handle her and get results, we are all a lot happier. Walks are a now joy and she is much more socialised, Malibu has calmed down and is more focused and is constantly told what a good girl she is. We still keep up the training which is key. We had tried other training schools previous to Jodie’s which didn’t work and highly recommend Jodie’s methods. Thanks so much Jodie.

  8. Jodie has been great in helping our ‘rescued’ puppy adjust to life with us (and us to life with him!). We had a private consultation and attended basic training. He is now much more settled. He responds well to other people, plays nicely at the dog park and is patient with his food. We highly recommend Paws Up Dog Training and hope to continue on to the intermediate and advanced courses one day.

  9. We attended Jodies classes and are truely grateful for what we learnt. Jodies is a passionate trainer and the technique taught really works. Jett (our muched loved labradoodle) is now a well behaved member of our family. Our walks are enjoyable, with no pulling and no reacting to other dogs. Jett graduated with “The Best Bang”, which I felt very proud. Jodie taught ME how to train Jett. I highly recommend Jodies classes.

  10. Ari was a puppy with an anxious personality, loved to pull on the lead and he hated getting into cars and if he we had to drag him in the car to go somewhere he would vomit every trip. After one peronal training lesson with Jodie we’re amazed how well he’s progressed. He now sleeps outside, walks by our side and hops straight in the car with the lack of vomit…he actually enjoys car travel. Amongst other dogs we’ve met on trips to the beach, dog parks etc. he’s probably one of the better behaved dogs and most responsive.

    We couldn’t recommend Jodie enough her training was fantastic! Thanks so much :)

  11. My dog midnite and I did Jodies class and WOW I have a completely different dog. With Jodies training I have been able to teach Midnite not to jump up on everyone and stop unecessary barking. The training Jodie provides really works. Thank you Jodie and high five from Midnite

  12. After twelve months of vets and medication I was at my wits end, my thirteen month old Staffie was a nightmare, only a mother could love him. Gibb’s vet recommended I have him put to sleep, I was devastated. As a last resort I engaged Jodie as his and my person trainer, with effort and time Gibbs showed vast improvement and we could not have been happier. It is amazing with routine, love, patience and guidance from Jody what a beautiful boy he is. Thank you Jody.

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