62200121_2563796023665345_5933587281808982016_n Paws Up Dog Training – Sutherland Shire & Southern Sydney Australia

Would you like a solution that can resolve any unwanted behaviour?   Dogs do no understand our human world so we have to take time to introduce them to it in a positive enhancing way.  PAWS UP uses gentle dog training and behaviour modification techniques to improve your relationship with your 4 legged friend.

Does your dog have any or all of the following behaviour problems?

– Excessive barking – Destructive behaviour – Pulling on the lead
– Separation anxiety – 
Aggression – Hyperactivity or obsession
Nervous or timid – Ignoring your requests

If so call Jodie and you will begin to learn and understand canine communication and build a relationship with your dog that everyone in the family can enjoy.

Phone:  0409 079 944

Email:  info@pawsupdogtraining.com 

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